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Now as I was saying, the Healthy Path Club is a new addition to the Healthy Path Foundation. While the Foundation is for worried parents who want to make sure their little angels are happy and healthy through professional help (bit boring if you ask me), the Club is for all you little ones sitting with your laptops or smartphones with your mom and dad to have a fun yet still very helpful experience. 

My job is to take through this nice place we call the Club and hopefully you can learn a few things along the way. I want to connect to each and every one of you on a deeper more relatable level. Nothing grand, just a guy who wants to share some knowledge.

We have one goal in that we like to...
"Keep it Real!"

Not as in "Yo , keep it real bro.."  NO! I mean,  what you eat and what you do is real. Eat real food, have real connections with other people and try to cut out the processed and fake food that we take for granted all the time. Eat real fruit instead of fruit snacks, have water instead of soda, and meet people out in the world instead of your computer. This is a place for you as well as your parents to learn the simple yet effective tips to have a healthy, happy life.

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